Plumbing Engineering

We work on sophisticated systems to make sure they are properly designed and installed.

National Engineering & Consulting, Inc. designs plumbing systems with projects ranging from large to small in many different project variations. Our engineers work on sophisticated systems to make sure they are properly designed and installed. Many systems are required to keep the built environment cohesive and our design team is able to collaborate between disciplines and see the building as a whole entity to make sure the systems work together. Included in these are hot and cold water systems, waste and vent systems, gas piping systems, stormwater and roof drainage systems, pump design, grease interceptor, riser diagrams, and coordination with utilities.

New Design: When designing a new structure, our engineers are able to plan and design a full plumbing system for the new project including the water and drainage systems. This involves collaboration with other disciplines to make sure all of the necessary items for a full system are included and that room in the other disciplines is made for the plumbing systems.

Tenant Improvements: NEC’s engineer will visit the site to get an understanding of the current conditions and analyze those based on the planned building usage. Depending on the intended usage for the building the current plumbing system may be insufficient in which case the engineer will determine the best way to move forward with the project. Many factors need to be considered such as the current building codes and applicable regulations, the current building design, the future design plans, and the client’s budget.

Construction Administration: NEC offers a wide-range of services to support the construction of the project. These include field observations and construction management service in order to make sure there is proper execution of the building design.

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