The NEC team works together to achieve professional quality objectives.

The architectural team at National Engineering & Consulting, Inc. is highly committed to client service and achieving professional quality. With many years of commercial experience, our team is able to assist with complex projects ranging from large to small. We work on a variety of project types and are able to keep our design skills sharp by reviewing building methods and advancing technologies regularly.



The pre-design phase sets the project agenda. The Client and architect work together to envision the overall design, set specific goals, and anticipate hurdles in the project planning process. NEC is uniquely designed to expedite this service due to including multiple design services in house to coordinate as a team. This process often includes site analysis, programming, construction cost analysis, and value engineering principles.

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Schematics and Entitlements


The schematic and entitlements phases define the desired building uses and a visual representation of the project. The NEC architectural team analyzes the project objectives and determines the spatial relationships of aspects of the project and provides sketches for review.

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Design Development


In this phase the building’s form is well defined. The NEC architectural team creates a well designed project that flows with all of the necessary building items for the project. The team takes into account the unique challenges of the project and finds creative solutions to improve the building’s performance while considering cultural, environmental, and technological factors. In order to more closely visualize the finished project our team is fully integrated with three dimensional capabilities including many diverse programs that are able to achieve the client’s goals.

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Construction Documents


The construction documents phase sets forth the requirements for construction to clearly lay out the plans for jurisdictions and contractors. Construction documents come in all shapes and sizes and continue to advance utilizing multidisciplinary tools.

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Construction Administration


The construction administration process allows building owners to ensure that the final construction continues to follow the design intent set in the architectural program. The team at NEC is highly skilled in the area of construction management, which includes planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and monitoring projects and communication between agencies.

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