We work with telecommunication carriers to design innovative solutions for rapid and economical deployment.

Telecommunications Services continue to expand with consumers ever increasing expectations for speed and availability for wireless networks. National Engineering & Consulting, Inc. works with telecommunication carriers to design and develop innovative solutions that allow for economical deployment with rapid construction. Our team is able to expertly handle a large volume of changes swiftly with industry knowledge of requirements.

Raw Land


Raw land and new site development is aided by National Engineering & Consulting, Inc.’s rapid client response and industry expertise. We send only the most experienced employees out into the field in order to come up with design concepts that take into account multiple discipline needs. In order to create new site builds from unused land we have created unique systems in order to provide service to remote areas.

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Rooftop antennas for both new sites and antenna swaps allow for filling in gaps of coverage on top of an existing building. Our architectural team utilizes years of experience to identify design solutions for the new site and the engineering team examines the structural integrity of the project. We offer full services in house in order to minimize the time to construct and provide top down quality assurance for our projects. Leasing unused rooftop space for telecommunications is a great way to utilize an unused space for more building profit. Our team of experts ensures that the project is viable as well as provides the planning services to get the project through the approval process.

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Tenant Improvement


Adding telecommunications equipment to an existing building can be anything from a large to small tenant improvement. Our team has many years of technical experience in architectural and engineering practices in order to expertly handle any size project. A project can include everything from remodeling an electrical room to replacing a building’s facade and updating the look. Trust that our team has the experience in order to provide high-quality services. Telecommunications projects utilize materials that are able to transmit RF waves and our team is knowledgeable in these materials and their practical application in construction in order to ensure a working final product.

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Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) provide coverage for wireless carriers at sites such as sports venues, high rise buildings, theaters, and shopping centers. This technology allows for better service due to small unobtrusive antennas installed throughout a building. Our skilled architectural and engineering team has expertly designed these systems for large venues including: The Facebook Menlo Park Headquarters, LA Live and Staples Center Los Angeles, Los Angeles Convention Center, Symphony Towers in San Diego, One American Plaza in San Diego, Kaiser Riverside, NBC Building, etc.

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Small Cell / JPA


Small Cells provide improved services to properties in hard to reach areas of services both inside buildings and outdoors. Small cells are a solution for an area with limited infrastructure such as telephone poles, street lamps, and advertising boards. Small cells allow larger base stations called macros to be more efficient by increasing the locations in order for the macros to organize the coverage areas to the most needed at the time. Our team of designers is familiar with these projects and adjusting to the changing technology as it emerges.

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