Tenant Improvement

Trust that our team has the experience in order to provide high-quality services

Adding telecommunications equipment to an existing building can be anything from a large to small tenant improvement. Our team has many years of technical experience in architectural and engineering practices in order to expertly handle any size project. A project can include everything from remodeling an electrical room to replacing a building’s facade and updating the look. Trust that our team has the experience in order to provide high-quality services. Telecommunications projects utilize materials that are able to transmit RF waves and our team is knowledgeable in these materials and their practical application in construction in order to ensure a working final product.

Tenant Improvement In House Services

  • Architectural
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical


Zoning Drawings are created for the entitlement process of the project in order to get jurisdictional approval for the service. This design stage establishes the intent of the project and creates the schematic concept for the project.

Construction Documents are created in order to go through the plan approval process with governing jurisdictions. Our team has many years of experience with various code requirements throughout the United States. With a multi-disciplinary team we are able to streamline this process to fit the current codes and coordinate easily between disciplines.

Project design includes providing solutions in order to not disrupt and often times improve the structure’s aesthetic. Our team’s experience helps assist in finding the best fit solution for the project.

NEC’s team of architects have the creative ability to present project concepts in a variety of ways to lead to design concept approval by officials and landlords.

NEC handles special planning department and zoning board discretionary permits. We lead this highly politicized process to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our team leverages our experience to achieve our client’s goals. We handle a multitude of permit types.


Design & Analysis
The Structural Department at NEC has years of experience designing projects that include adding equipment that increases the weight on the building and foundation. They are able to expertly problem solve to create a stable structure according to applicable codes and regulations.


Design & Analysis
When a project requires mechanical engineering our team is able to identify the specific needs of the project and design a system fitting for the conditions of the project.

Energy Calculations
Many jurisdictions across the nation are increasing their energy requirements. Our team is knowledgeable in energy codes and able to provide necessary calculations as requested with up to date knowledge.


Design & Analysis
The process of providing electricity to new equipment can be complicated. Our team’s design experience provides a great baseline for a multitude of project types. Each project has its own challenges and our team is accustomed to the necessary unification of project objectives to achieve final design synthesis.

Energy Calculations
Our team is able to provide energy calculations for a multitude of projects. We stay up on the current jurisdictional requirements in order to provide outstanding service to our clients.

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