Arcade/Video Games

A List Of Our Arcade & Video Games

Game Credits Range Anywhere From 4 Credits To 5 Credits.
(Green Light Readers Can Be Played With Your Credits Or Bonus Credits)


  • Pacman Smash (Just like air hockey but more madness)
  • Jurassic Park 2 Player (Defeat all the dinosaur’s in a action packed campaign)
  • Blast Player 1 (Action packed race full of crazy fast cars)
  • Crusin Blast Player 2 (Action packed race full of crazy fast cars)
  • Moto GP Player 1 (Action packed motorcycle race)
  • Moto GP Player 2 (Action packed motorcycle race)
  • Typhoon Rollercoaster (Feel the wind on your face and the seat beneath you shake and move is a almost real world experience of a roller coaster)
  • Foosball ( 2 player old school foosball game)
  • Terminator Salvation (2 player action packed arcade shooter)
  • TMNT ( 4 player action packed arcade game)