Q- Is this business a Franchise or a Corporate

A- Playzone Toledo is a Family and Locally owned  Business (Not Franchised or a Corporate owned)


Q- Do you do birthday parties there?

A- Yes we do the best memorable parties and we have a selection of parties that you can reserve and have your private room package or the café package, walk in parties are also welcomed but with no reservation will have to be on a first come first serve.


Q- Can we bring food, drinks, ice cream & cake to our party?

A- You can bring a Cake if you have a reserved party or spend inhouse a total of $60 on day of to be able to bring a Cake. Everything else is a (No) because we have a big variety of Food, Drinks & Ice Cream.


Q- What do you serve in your Restaurant?

A- We serve Pizza which is the most popular dish we offer and our Famous Chicken batter we use on our Bone-in Wings, Boneless Wings & Chicken Tenders. we also offer a variety of Appetizers, Deserts, Ice Cream & Pepsi Products. We now carry Dippin Dots Ice Cream. 


Q-Can my kid ride with me on the bumper cars

A- If your kid is 3 years of age or older, max 50″ tall & max weight 65lbs then they can ride with you and you must be at least 18 years of age. 


Q- How old/tall do you have to be to do the Bumper cars? 

A- To Ride on your own you must be a minimum of 36″ and 5 years of age.


Q- how old do you have to be to do Lasertag? 

A- 3 years to 120 Years


Q-How do you play the games do you buy coins?

A- With the new world we live in we have the newest technology where you load Credits onto your Game Card, swipe just like a Credit Card play and win tickets that will be loaded right onto your card as we call them E-Tickets.


Q- I bought Credits and I received extra Credits that are called Bonus Credits, What is Bonus Credits ?

A- Credits can be played on all games on the floor red or green readers vs Bonus Credits can be only played on green light readers.


Q- What is green light & red light readers?

A- Red light readers are cranes or prize games that gives out a actual prize or product and not actual E-Tickets. Green light readers are video games, redemption games, 3d simulator, skill games. 


Q- How many red & green light games do Playzone Toledo have at their location?

A- There is a list of all the games we carry on our website under Games & Attractions https://playzonetoledo.com/games-attractions/


Q- Do you have to pay to go in Playzone Toledo?

A- Not on any day except Fridays we charge for entry due to our high demand on this day with what we have to offer. check our daily specials for more info https://playzonetoledo.com/daily-specials/ our entry fee is 5 star rating with what we offer for the price of the entry fee.